A poem for the Centennial Birth anniversary of Luis G. Dato

A Poem for My Home

I’m home in my own little patch of heaven,
a simple clump of cool peaceful green
encircled by blue horizons and air
interrupted by cream-colored concrete
toasted warm by the vibrant sun
and chilled in the pale orange evenings.
From its skies shower fragrant drizzle
that stir like the poems of Luis Dato,
or buffet like storm and lightning
worthy of the compatriots of intrepid Barlin.
Thus here, scattered among its days
are brave heroes and wise men born
By its lakeshores today as long ago
a determined people carves out a living
as they would a kingdom,
themselves prince and princesses
and lords and ladies with castles on the hill.
They would sit barefoot in the dewy summer grass
and watch at the end of day, their children, the slow,
steady flowering of their dreams.
Then shades of evening roll over
the oranges yellows and purples of a fading sunset
darker now under the waxing moon,
at the moment in shadows never alone,
in this little heaven we have known.


The Uglification of the Town Plaza

The rapid development of Baao has brought about contrasting results (see Images of Baao). On the one hand, some historical sites have been renovated (e.g., the Barlin Monument). On the other hand, some areas have deteriorated (e.g., the Town Plaza).

The town plaza used to be a spacious green park in the middle of the town. But now the area has been considerably reduced by new structures built there by the municipal authorities. The result is congestion. Moreover, some parts of the park have become a junkyard for cars and machines, etc. Food stalls have been allowed to squat on the public domain.

Before, at any vantage point in town one can see the beautiful mountain ranges of Caranday and the lofty peak of Ki-Agang, But now, the view is partially blocked by the high roof constructed over the social hall and the basketball court. Even the municipal building can no longer be seen from afar.

Baao sorely needs of a town planner who will take into consideration the environmental needs of the community… someone who can keep the town GREEN and CLEAN.