CBCP Pastoral Letter on Bishop Jorge Barlin

To commemorate the centenary of Bishop Jorge Barlin's episcopal ordination (1906-2006) the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines issued this Pastoral Letter:

One hundred years ago, in 1906, the grace of the Episcopacy was granted to the Filipino people in the person of a Bicolano born in Baao, Camarines Sur, Jorge Barlin, who took as his Episcopal motto: "Bonus miles Christi" -- A Good Soldier of Christ. It was the first time after three hundred years of Christianity in the Philippines that a Filipino was given such a dignity—certainly, a milestone in the Philippine Church History, an event worth remembering and celebrating....
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Llanderal's Photo Album: Holy Week in Baao

Jasper L. Llanderal has published online two photo albums of the Holy Week in Baao. One album contains a collection of pictures he has taken of the passion play, the Cenaculo, on the street and church patio of Baao. The other holds a collection of pics of the Estudiantina rehearsing and playing music during the Soledad. The photo on the left (taken from the second album) shows a singer consoling the Sorrowful Mother with a song. The photographer from Cagayan de Oro City is the husband of Azon Gaite.


Blog Dedicated to Luis G. Dato

Stephen Cenon Dato Talla has published a blog in honor of his grandfather and poet laureate LUIS G. DATO. The blog contains the curriculum vitae of Chong Luis, his reflections on poetry writing, and several of his photos (one of which has been borrowed for this post). Click on the link below to visit Stephen's blog: