The Museum of Baaoeno Memory

The Museum of Baaoeno Memory sucessfully opened last December 29, 2006 amidst a strangely stormy weather. The room where it was located was earlier damaged by Reming and thus the museum opened with repairs unfinished and water from the bad weather dripping into the museum spoiled the otherwise significant and momentous occassion. There are plans to move the museum into a bigger place closer to the library. Calls have been made, specially by the SMA principal for donations of possible museum pieces in the form of household, farm implements, clothing articles, rare baaoenaina publications and photographs. The Museum is still currently improving its present set-up in time for the PAASCU visit as it is one of the best feature of the SMA library and a fine example of the Alumni collaborating with the school for the betterment of the local community. The Museum will also serve a s a venue for community extension as instruction aid to non-SMA students of Baao. The first activity of the museum slated for 2007 and sponsored by SMA batch 1983 is a workshop on finger painting for the SMA arts club members and other interested parties to be scheduled this February.

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