Baao Church and "Convento" Before the Fire of 1971

Some readers were wondering if I have a good photo
of the Church and "Convento" before it was permanently
altered by fire and the subsequent rehabilitation.
This I think was how "Padre Inciong" envisioned
the church and the patio when it was being
rebuilt during his time.

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rosadel said...

I felt like a child in a candy store of memories when I looked at the pictures of Baao and its people. I miss the concrete fence around the church plaza, part of it is seen on the left side of the church photo. As teenagers, we roller-skated on the paved walkway by that fence, then rested on the steps of the grotto. I hope that beautiful structure of Fr. Ochoa that I used to climb is still there. From the top, after school,I watched the American soldiers camped in tents at the town plaza behind the SMA building.