"Finding My Roots" by Marj Mesoga Palencia

About Finding My Roots

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” -- Jane Howard, "Families"

Hello! My name is Marjueve Mesoga Palencia, a Philosophy and Humanities Professor at Far Eastern University (FEU), Manila, Philippines, and I am doing a genealogical research on the following families which have originated from Baao, Camarines Sur, Philippines, namely:

1. Juan Palencia and Paula Sta Maria Dato (b. 1820)
2. Francisca Palencia and Vicente Sta. Maria Dato (b. 1824)
3. Francisco Palencia and Patricia Esplana (b. 1900s)
4. Venancio Palencia and Margarita Bricia (b. 1900s)
5. Carlos Andres Esplana and Vicenta Asuncion Barrameda (b. 1800s)
6. Cerapio Barrameda and Ambrosia Vargas (b. 1900s)
7. Cornelio Breboneria Mesoga and Fortunata Bascuña Baesa (b. 1900s)

This site aims to present the genealogy of the above mentioned families which spans two hundred eleven (211) years of eight generations from 1798 to 2009. The family tree contains more than 5,000 names. Many living family members still reside in Baao, Camarines Sur, while others have settled elsewhere.

This site is primarily for the family members so that we may learn more about our family history, about each other and about our own selves. It is hoped that this will allow us to keep track of each other’s families as well as the new members of our expanding family and hopefully bring us closer together.

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As most of us have experienced a “diaspora” of some sorts, family members leaving home for reason of work, opportunity or necessity, this tracing of our members makes some sense. This genealogy may also contribute to tie together the many loose ends in the family.

While the web makes it easy and convenient to share information, trace and interact with one another in spite of the great physical distances between and among family members, the same technology allows exploitation of the available information about an individual. This site respects and supports the right of individuals to privacy. Hence, this site has suppressed the personal details of all living family members. If you find any information here that you feel violates your right to privacy, please notify the webmaster by e-mail.

A genealogical research such as this never really gets finished or completed. It is always ongoing, without having to mention the errors or missing links and details on the family trees. If you are a family member, you can greatly help enrich our family trees by requesting membership to this site on the right menu button of this page, or by sending me an e-mail. I would be glad to get in touch with you.

Brief Background of this Family Research

In the 1960s, poet laureate Luis G. Dato started to chronicle the big families residing in Baao, Camarines Sur. He got these family trees published in the Baao Town Fiesta Souvenir Programs annually until 1966. At that time, there were just a few hundred names.

For the Palencia Reunion in May 22, 1971 at San Roque, Baao, Camarines Sur, Ernesto B. Palencia started to chronicle the descendands of Jorge Balayboa Palencia and Genoveba Bagaporo Malonda.

Then in 2000, Mr. Ernesto B. Palencia expanded his research to include all the Palencia in Baao, with Juan Palencia and Paula Sta Maria Dato (b. 1820), Francisca Palencia and Vicente Sta. Maria Dato (b. 1824), Francisco Palencia and Patricia Esplana (b. 1900s), and Venancio Palencia – Margarita Bricia (b. 1900s) as points of reference. As a result, the annual family reunions held every summer grew bigger and bigger.

The Esplana Family Tree which was started by Luis G. Dato, with the family of Carlos Andres Esplana and Vicenta Asuncion Barrameda (b. 1800s) as point of reference is now expanded by Ernesto B. Palencia and Marjueve M. Palencia.

Recently, we have started to document the family members of Cerapio Barrameda and Ambrosia Vargas (b. 1900s) and Cornelio Breboneria Mesoga and Fortunata Bascuña Baesa (b. 1900s).

To date, we have documented more than 5,000 family members and the family tree is available on this site and at MyHeritage.

Please request membership to the site to gain full access.

Thank you for visiting.

“No matter where you live, brothers are brothers and sisters are sisters. The bonds that keep family close are the same no matter where you are.” -- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005


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Family Historian said...

I may be part of the Genoveba Bagaporo Malonda family. If so, I have extensive family tree to share. I hope to collaborate.

Is this site still active?

valerie_09 said...

i ve been trying to search more things and family members by the name of palencia because i am also a Palencia. i never knew much of my family. all i know is that they came from guatemala.

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