Photos of Baao Lake (courtesy of Michael B. Gaite)

Click on this link for more photos of Baao Lake by Michael B. Gaite.

Baao Lake is a shallow freshwater lake located in Baao, Camarines Sur in Bicol Region, Luzon, Philippines. It has an estimated surface area of 177 hectares (1.77 km²) and reaches an average of only 1 meter deep. During summer months (March-May), the surface area of the lake shrinks leaving only one third of its original size, about 60 ha (0.60 km2). The lake is fed by local run-off and several small rivers, the most important of which is the Tabao River, which flows from another lake, Lake Buhi. The water from the lake then drains west into the Bicol River.


Fern said...

Thank you for the very interesting and nostalgic photos.

What will it take to clean up the lake? It looks more like a bog or a huge pond to me.

Does Baao have a park or public outdoor place where children can play and everybody can enjoy a picnic, swim, boating in a banca or just socializing and enjoying nature? This could be a great challenge for a volunteer group whose purpose is to beautify Baao. If I were there, I'd be the first to volunteer. But I have a wealth of ideas of how I can help.

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