Barlin Centennial [update: 02/24/06]

Just yesterday, I met with the mayor to check out what we need to have the Social Hall for a whole day affair on Sunday, April 23, 2006. With me was one of the organizers from USI, Chad Inocencio who will bring 250 students from USI to conduct community research on that day regarding the sociocultural profile of BAAO in preparation for the "Museum project." A few minutes later we called at Tyang Nena's house to ask permission from her so we can install a marker on Barlin's birthplace. Then we went to SMA to present the Project proposal for the MUSEUM. (Today I received news from my wife, that SMA cannot push through with the Museum project, red tape is the matter, we look for another place.) I wrote letters to Cong. Villafuerte, Governor Villafuerte. I will write official letters to the mayor, the archbishop, the parish priest when I have the time. I am negotiating with USI with possible promotional programs for the Centennial. the Local conference will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm: morning session Dan Gerona and Mike Hernandez, afternoon session Atty. Toldanes and myself. At the end of the day, unveiling of the Barlin Birthplace Marker. If you have any suggestions fire away. Baao Historical Society can document. Schedule for me too tight right now but I'll definitely be there before holy week. Please pass our correpondence as wide as you can to generate inerest there, pending, official project profile I'm preparing, can you negotiate with Manny Gaite for us for support if not you can send me his email address. For the conference, the budget may cost to arround 20 thousand tops, for the Souvenir Program around 35 can you look around for major baaoeno sponsors for us so we can send communications. I sent Tony Martirez 20 letters to be distributed in the States as he is leaving a few days from now. I'm looking for a way to get some to you. We're recieving news from Manila, we pray everything will be OK. Thanks. -- Paulix B. Robosa

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