Wartime Photo of Baao #2

The other picture of Baao which Harold L. Brodhead took was the Catholic parish church. For this photo he wrote a simple caption: 'Baao, Philippine Islands - Baao Church'. Note the fence with huge balustrades around the patio. The old convento which was destroyed by fire in 1966 is partly visible in the picture. And so is the grotto of Lourdes. The neo-baroque facade of the church with its twin belfry is a pre-war (1920s) construction, but the thick walls made of lime and ladrillos originate from the Spanish era. See more of Harold's Wartime Photos published in the internet.

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Vicente Ramirez, Jr. said...

Harold captioned his photo, "... Flips and carts, many lived in the carts and toured the islands..." because he saw the nipa roof of the carreta to be the same as those of the nipa houses and he very likely may have spotted a sooted kaldero hanging underneath some carts.